I travel over 75 miles to see Dr. Peltzman each month. I have had acute low back pain which Dr. Peltzman has helped correct, along with giving me the proper exercises to perform at home to keep me well in between treatments. I feel Dr. Peltzman is the best chiropractor I've seen and highly recommend him for everyone!
Steve H.

Best chiropractic office in the valley

I highly recommend Glenwood Chiropractic!!! They are very friendly, on time, and always do a great job!!!! They always make sure my muscles are relaxed and warmed before my adjustment. They have really helped me with my back pain!! I am definitely a repeat customer!!! :)
Stacia L.


As a physician, myself, the first thing I noticed was that Dr. Pelzman listened careful to my complaint of lower back pain carefully. I was in terrible pain. he has never treated me in a rushed fashion. He typically has spent 60-90 minutes with me. He is kind and empathetic after the first treatment my back was dramatically better. I very much value his care and high level of expertise.
Christiaan M.

Arthritis Relief!

I bought some Proform Hemp Supplement 30mg CBD gel caps for pain in my knees and big toe. It worked well orally and then it was suggested that I poke a hole in a caplet and apply the gel directly on the affected area. In about an hour the pain was gone in all areas that I applied it to and I was able to walk and get down on my knees and back up again with out pain and with ease! There is no THC in the product. I will be buying more.
Skip F.

Office Provides it all - Massage, Acupuncture, & Chiropractic Services

I had a car accident in April and I think I am better now than I was before the accident! I love that I can get the best massage ever from Tiffany and then follow up with Dr. Steve for both chiropractic as well as acupuncture treatments. I don't know of any office in the valley that does it all like Glenwood Springs Chiropractic Center!

5 Star

Fredda S.

Just amazing

I came to the practice with one emergent issue and Dr. Peltzman has addressed several others that I had been told years back, in physical therapy, "were as good as it would get". I am completely relieved of daily pain and look forward to continue treatment to prevent any future pain
Rosalyn N.

I cannot thank you enough!!!

Dr. Peltzman is the best!!! I have been battling chronic fatigue and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia because of the widespread pain in my body. My primary care doctor kept prescribing medications that really did nothing to help me and the side effects were horrible. When the fibromyalgia diagnosis was recently made, once again the doctor was quick to prescribe yet another medication. I mentioned to my doctor that I was thinking of trying chiropractic care and possibly acupuncture instead of the medications. The response from my doctor was that I could try it, but it probably wouldn't make a difference. I am so thrilled that I didn't listen to that doctor and met Dr Peltzman! After just 1 visit with Dr Peltzman I feel amazing! Dr Peltzman and his staff are so wonderful and welcoming, you can feel the genuine concern for the patient. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I truly feel like I've been given my life back!!
Helene N.

The Best Care Possible

I have been a patient of Dr. Steve Peltzman of Glenwood Chiropractic Center since 1995. I would not go to any other chiropractor because I know he will take the time to give me the best care possible
Thank you! L. W. Glenwood

My Active Lifestyle

I am very active and have had several serious injuries. Between work, family, snowboarding, and skateboarding, Dr. Steve allows me to continue to do the things I love to do.
Thanks, K.H.

My Chiropractor of Choice

I pass a lot of chiropractic offices coming from Vail because I know Dr. Steve will be thorough and get the job done right.

Thanks, F.M.

Glenwood Chiropractic Center is a Better Choice.

I have gone to other chiropractors, but I know Dr. Steve and his staff is a better choice for all of my health and chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Steve!

H.R. Glenwood Springs, CO

Thank You Dr. Peltzman

I was slowly becoming inhibited by my "bad" back. Dr. Peltzman and his staff have helped me not only alleviate the pain on my lower back, they have also educated me in preventative techniques for my specific injury

Thank you so much, A.T. Glenwood

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